Video & Audio Splitter

  • CDV-H1632
  • CDV-H1632
  • CDV-H1632
  • CDV-H1632
  • CDV-H1632


  • 16 input 32 output splitter
  • Support 1080P/ 960P/ 720P
  • Support HD AHD TVI CVI and CVBS
  • Transmission up to 400-600 meters
  • Product description: This CCTV video splitter is one of the portable splitter which can splitter 1 or multi-channel HD CCTV signal to multi-channel signals. suitable for signal transmission over long distances. (400-600Me

16 input 32 output HD AHD/ TVI/ CVI Video Distributor

This CCTV video splitter is one of the portable splitter which can split 16-channel HD CCTV signal to 32-channel signals. This machine is suitable for DVD, VCD, SVCD, multimedia computer, recording and whoever has video output function of the equipment, all can be used as the native source input.Its useful for entertainment, audiovisual education, monitoring and control system,  suitable for signal transmission over long distances. (400-600Meter)

Main features:
* Support HD-AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, CVBS/ analog video transmission over UTP;
* 760P/ 960P/ 1080P up to 600 meters;
* 60dB cross talk and noise immunity;
* Frequency respond can be adjusted according to the specific circumstances;
* Support Coaxial two-way data communication, through the receiver to send control signals
* Automatic correction of the signal distortion of different transmission channels.
* Using the coaxial cable as the transmission medium.
* 12 months warranty & life time maintenance service.


Model CDV-H1632
Support 16 input & 32 output AHD/ TVI/ CVI/ Analog
Transmission distance 760P/ 960P/ 1080P: 300-600 meters;
Connector Female BNC and terminal Block
Housing Aluminium alloy
MTBF 100000Hours
Impedance BNC: 75 ohms
Standard video input/output voltage 1.0Vp-p
Video Bandwidth 60MHz
Sampling Frequency 120MHz
Rise and Fall time <0.8ns
Differential Gain < ±1.5%
Differential Phase < ±1°
Category type Coaxial Cable, RG59/ RG6 suggested
Working temperature -10 to +70
Storage temperature -30 to +70
Humidity 0-95%
Power AC220V
Power Consumption 3W
Dimension 490*190*70mm
Unit Weight 2.3kg
Warranty 12months

Cautions installation

1). Do not attempt to disassemble the unit.
To prevent electric shock, do not attempt to disassemble this unit.There are no user serviceable parts inside.Ask qualified service person for servicing.
2). Handle the unit with care.
Do not abuse the unit.Avoid striking, shaking,etc.improper handling or storage could damage the unit.
3) Do not expose the unit to rain or moisture,or try to operate it in wet areas.
Turn the power off immediately and ask a qualified service person for servicing. Moisture can damage the unit and also create the danger of electric shock.
4). Do not use strong or abrasive detergents when cleaning the unit.
Use a soft cloth to clean the unit when dirty.In case the dirt is hard to remove,use a mild detergent and wipe gently.
5). Do not operate the unit beyond the specified temperature, humidity or power source ratings.
Use the unit under conditions where temperature is between –10 ℃ -+45 ℃ and humidity is below 90%.
The input power source is 220VAC.