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  • CVA-3115
  • CVA-3115
  • CVA-3115
  • CVA-3115


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Product Description:
This extension adaptor can connect your USB device to your PC at a distance of up to 300ft with the help of a high quality cat 5/cat 6 patch cable (note: only high quality patch cables will work). The adaptor will allow your USB cameras, printers, webcams, keyboard, or any other usb device exactly where you want it, without having to move around your PC.

USB powered, so external power not required.
Suitable for Cat 5/Cat 6 high quality cables.
Comes with two adaptors, one with a USB female socket and the other with a usb male plug, with an rj-45 socket on both connectors.
Max length - 300ft (Requires good quality Cat5/Cat6 cables).
Adaptors come in black.

Color: Black
Length: about 18.5cm
Material: ABS

Package Includes:
1 Set USB 2.0 to RJ45 LAN Modem Extension Extender Adaptors(Male and Female each one)