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  • CVGA-200
  • CVGA-200
  • CVGA-200
  • CVGA-200
  • CVGA-200


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VGA Extender, 200M

VGA extender VGA cable transmitter 200 meters twisted pair extender VGA to RJ45 amplifier;
Support for a variety of DVR, a variety of brands of hard disk video recorders, support for HD, support for 3D,
Exclusive brightness adjustable brightness, anti-static lightning, anti-interference.

This VGA Extender with Audio is an ideal device for local displaying viewing
It combines extension function
It distributes the input of the VGA signal and audio signal into the local
Receiver by Cat5e/6 x1 works with the Sender as a full functional module by receiving the distributed signal from the sender and transmitting to display
The full functional module extend the VGA display max up to 100 meters

Colour: Black
Resolution: 1920*1080
Size: 4*2.5*5CM/ 1.57*0.98*1.97in
Plug specifications: EU/US/UK plug optional

Package Included:
1 x Extender Sender
1 x Extender Receiver
2 x Power Adapter