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PCT Series

  • Universal wire connector
  • Product description: CASVIEW technology concentrating on CCTV power supply, video balun, CCTV Cable BNC Connectors and other cctv accessories etc. email: info@casview.com
Product Name:Universal wire connector

Material of Insulation:modified nylon(PA66)
Contact material: Phosphor copper
Wire Cross section:0.08 - 2.5mm2(single hard wire);0.08 ~ 4mm2(multi soft wire)
Rated Current:32A
Rated Voltage : 250V
Rated Impulse Voltage : 4KV
Rated power 8KW
Gauge 28~12AWG
Strip length: 9 - 10mm

Safety-No danger of loose wires or brittle tape, transparent and visible.
Convenient-with test holes, no need to remove the tape to measure voltage.
Fast – direct plug in, plug out if wrongly connected, reconnect again.
Reliable-Each contact is independent of the shrapnel, and different wire diameters are also available for safe shorting
PA 6.6 material, permanent temperature resistance of 105 ℃, no embrittlement.
It can be connected up to 4mm / 32A / 400V.
Model Specifications
PCT-212 2 holes; 21*14.5*12.5mm Quick Connect Terminals, Rated current: 32A, Rated Voltage: 250V; Solid/stranded conductor: 0.08-2.5mm2/28-14AWG; Fine-stranded conductor: 0.08-4mm2/28-12 AWG; Strip length 10mm/0.39inch; Plastic Parts:PC; Sharpnel: Stainless Steel; Contact material: Phosphor copper; Ambient temperature: -25°C-+95°C
PCT-213 3 holes; 21*14.5*17.5mm
PCT-214 4 holes; 21*14.5*21.5mm
PCT-215 5 holes; 21*14.5*26.5mm
PCT-218 8 holes; 21*14.5*39mm
PCT-221 1 in 1 out; 39*14.5*8mm
PCT-222 2 in 2 out; 39*14.5*12mm
PCT-223 3 in 3 out; 39*14.5*17mm
PCT-224 4 in 4 out; 39*14.5*22.5mm
PCT-225 5 in 5 out; 39*14.5*27.5mm

Wiring method:
Single core wire and twisted wire strip insulation 9-11mm.
Use your thumb to move the orange lever up to open the spring case.
Insert the wire through the spring case opening.
Press down the orange lever, and the wire will be clamped automatically.

Wire removal method:
After moving the orange lever with your thumb, you can remove the wire.