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  • Simple coaxial cable stripper
  • Product description: CASVIEW technology concentrating on CCTV power supply, video balun, CCTV Cable BNC Connectors and other cctv accessories etc. email:

Simple coaxial cable stripper

Simple structure, convenient and fast, light weight and easy to carry.

There are three colors of the product, namely red, blue and black. Customers can choose according to their needs.
The entire wire stripping pliers is composed of A and B segments. The A end is a stripped cable sheath of the coaxial cable, and the B end is a stripped internal insulation part of the coaxial cable. .

Product parameters
Color: red blue black
Size: 9.8x2.5cm
Material: ABS body and SK-5 blade
Weight: about 15g

Package Content
1 x Coaxial cable strupper
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