960/ 720P

  • COV-HD16V1DR-960P
  • COV-HD16V1DR-960P
  • COV-HD16V1DR-960P
  • COV-HD16V1DR-960P
  • COV-HD16V1DR-960P


  • Support HD-CVI/TVI/AHD & CVBS
  • Support Resolution: 720P, 960P
  • Single-Mode Fiber transmit up to 10KM
  • Optical interface: FC interface
  • Product description: Multiple HD video optical transceiver supports HD-AHD/ CVI/ TVI & CVBS signals, Support 960P/ 720P, Transmission distance up to 10KM.
The coaxial HD optical transceiver is designed for long-distance optical fiber transmission HD-CVI/ AHD/ TVI composite video, and adopts self-developed uncompressed digital photoelectric conversion technology. Use fiber-optic point-to-point transmission of megapixel HD video for video transmission without delay and high reliability.
Multiple HD coaxial HD composite video can be transmitted at the same time.Supports 1280×720,1280x960 resolutions, 1280H/25f, 1280H/30f 1280H/50f, 1280H/60f.


● Compatible with Hikvision (TVI), Dahua (CVI), XM (AHD) Coaxial HD camera;

-CVI: 960P/1.3MP (1280×960), 720P/1MP (1280×720);
-AHD: 960P/1.3MP (1280×960), 720P/1MP (1280×720);
-TVI: 960P/1.3MP (1280×960), 720P/1MP (1280×720);

Compatible with both digital analog cameras and coaxial HD cameras;
Transmission distance: 0 - 10KM;
12V power supply, shared camera power supply does not burn out the machine;
Internal use of power protection chip to effectively prevent voltage instability and burn out the machine.

Transportation monitoring system;
Security monitoring system;
Remote multimedia teaching, campus monitoring & video conferencing system etc.;

Intelligent community system.


Model COV-HD16VR-960P COV-HD16V1DR-960P
Description 16 channels HD-CVI/ TVI/ AHD Coaxial HD Fiber Converter
Fiber interface Single mode Dual fiber FC/ UPC
Input/Output Impedance 75Ω (Non-equilibrium)
Video Bandwidth 45MHz
Video Voltage 500MVP-P
Input Reflection Loss on Transmitting Terminal >15dB
Maximum Jitter on Receiving Terminal <0.2UI
Rise/Fall Time on Video Receiving Terminal <0.8ns
Video interface BNC
Transmission distance 10KM
Video bandwidth 45MHZ
Video resistance 75Ω
Support video format HD-CVI/ HD-TVI/ HD-AHD
Support video pixels 1280×960P, 1280×720P
Support Cameras CVI: 960P/1.3MP (1280×960), 720P/1MP (1280×720)
AHD: 960P/1.3MP (1280×960), 720P/1MP (1280×720)
TVI: 960P/1.3MP (1280×960), 720P/1MP (1280×720)
Data format N/A RS485, does not support coaxial encryption
Data rate N/A 0~200 Kbps
Bit error rate N/A < 10-9
Data interface N/A Terminal Block
Power Consumption 2.5W (input: DC12V 1A)
Working Environment Operating temperature: -30 °C ~ +75 °C
Storage temperature: -40 °C ~ +85 °C
Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95% (no condensation)
Power Adapter External power adapter (input AC100-240V 50/ 60Hz; output 12V 1A)
Dimension Product Size: 188(L)*185(W)*45(H)mm