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  • CHM-W300
  • CHM-W300
  • CHM-W300
  • CHM-W300
  • CHM-W300


1. HDMI video and audio transmission via wireless WIFI, up to 300 meters;
2. HDMI 1.3 compatible;
3. In accordance with standard HDCP1.2 ,high-bandwidth digital content protection technology;
4. HD video signal resolution up to 1920x1080@60Hz;
5. Support transmitter with HDMI Loop out;
6. Special format is to compress and decompress video, effectively improve the transfer efficiency, to ensure that the playback fluency;
7. Support external remote infrared extension, easy to operate the remote Device;
8. Able to automatically identify and configure a variety of display mode;
9. Built-in automatic balance system, the picture is fluent, clear and stable;
10. The built-in ESD electrostatic protection circuit, comprehensive security protection system;
11. Simple and convenient installation, plug and play, do not need to set up.

Packaging Details:
1. HDMI transmitter------------------------------------------------1 Pcs
2. HDMI receiver ---------------------------------------------------1 Pcs
3. 5V DC Power Adaptor------------------------------------------2 Pcs
4. IR RX Cable ------------------------------------------------------1 Pcs
5. IR TX Cable ------------------------------------------------------1 Pcs
6. User Manual------------------------------------------------------1 Pcs

Parameter Description
Video Standards HDMI 1.3; HDCP 1.2
Compressed format H.264
Maximum pixel clock 165MHz
Maximum data rate 6.75Gbps
Resolution Max1920X1080p@60Hz
HDMI Wireless Extender 300M
Connector HDMI-A
Impedance 100Ω
HDMI max. input/output range Less than 5 meters, when 1920 x1080p@60Hz
IR Interface 3.5mm Stereo audio socket
Signal direction Unidirectional
Signal type Digital
IR frequency 20-60kHz
WIFI Radio Frequency power 13dbm
signal direction Unidirectional
Radio frequency 5.8GHz
Transmission distance 100M
Other Power Adapter DC 5V
Power dissipation MAX 7W
Temperature Operating-5 ~ +70
Humidity Operating5% ~ 90%
Size/ weight 103*101*25mm, 0.35kg
Warranty 1 year free warranty

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