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Why use a HD Video Transmitter

The HD Video Balun is a single channel passive video transmitter and transceiver that mainly uses for solving the signal interference problem caused by potential source of interference. This device features super lightning protection and can be used for security monitoring system.

HD Video Balun is compatible with all HD-TVI, HD-CVI and AHD analog camera.

The HD Video Balun is both a transmitter and receiver featuring long transmission distance, good transmission effect and super interference rejection. It is widely used in various complex environments to prevent from interference.

Video signals can coexist in the same wire bundle as telephone, network or low-voltages power circuits. It is very economical and convenient to environment. Compared with traditional audio and video transmission products, the HD Video Balun greatly reduces the cost and improves the performance.



Push-pin terminal 1 channel passive HD transceiver, Male BNC allows connection directly to TVI/ CVI/ AHD/ CVBS DVR or camera system; transmit video via UTP CAT5 cable, 10-20% wire costs saved, no need additional power supply adapter.

HD 8MP/ 5MP/ 4MP/ 3MP/ 1080P/ 960P/ 720P Color video transmission distance: HD-AHD/CVI - max 300m/1000ft, HD-TVI - max 200m/656ft;

Built in TVS for surge protection, super interface rejection / transient protection / lightning protection / anti-static protection, lasts for over 10000 hours/417 days.

Improve the picture definition when connected to DVR or Quad, and reduce noise.


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