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CVM-801 Quad Processor User Manual EN


CVM-801 Quad Processor User Manual EN

1. Connect the 1-8 channels video Signal of camera and brightness, saturation, contrast, HUE and sharpness.
2. High definition: PAL: 720X576@50Hz, NTSC: 720X480@60Hz.
3. Multiple display modes : 8 pictures, 4 pictures, 2 pictures,1 picture ,PIP(picture eight picture) automatic inverting mode.
4. High performance picture frozen function: Glitter picture catch.
5. High performance picture amplifying function: The area to be zooming in can be selected.
6. The various fonts folded information: The title of camera, real time display and warning date/ video/ moving Detecting
7. The four pictures and single picture mode recycle.
8. There are multiple modes: Warning input, video loss detection, moving detection can keep over 60 reports, built in buzzer.


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