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CVM-04TAC specification


CVM-04TAC 4 Channel Coax HD-AHD CVI TVI Video Multiplexer

This product uses special compression modulation technology, on the front end (transmitter) let 4-channel CVI/AHD/TVI hd camera to
compressed, then made into digital signal in coaxial cable transmission. The back-end (receiver) through modulation, reductive into 4-channel hd signals for hd DVR (CVI/TVI/AHD) or matrix use after decompression.
This series of products can be divided into the 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters and other transmission distance and different models.
It supports 4 channel video signals in one coaxial cable by way of Frequency Division Multiplexing, with all data transmission real-time and all images high-definition and non-delay. It is suitable for improvement of old projects and building under new projects.


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