Warranty Policy

Thanks for purchasing CASVIEW Products! To protect your rights and interests, Casview Technology Co., Ltd hereby makes the following guarantee commitments on our products:
1. This warranty is provided only for product purchased from CASVIEW .

2. CASVIEW offer 24 months' warranty for all the products that we sell  .

3. Within the specified warranty period, CASVIEW will repair or replace non consumable parts (if without declaration of defective, are excluded from warranty after 15 days of the receipt of the cargo.)  .

4. The warranty will not be covered under the following conditions  :
a) Out-of-warranty products.
b) The product is modified without CASVIEW approval.
c) Obvious attack of appearance whatever it is.
d) The product is subjected to unusual physical or electrical stress, including physical damage, burnt components and broken connectors.
e) The serial number label is removed or altered.

5. The defective product or defective spare part must be presented together with dealer's invoice when the defective product or defective spare part is returned for repair. Otherwise, CASVIEW reserves the right of not providing free warranty during the warranty period  .

6. The customer is responsible for returning the defective product at his own expense  .

7. Your warranty period is calculated from the date of invoice of this product  .

**** Please download the RMA form and reply to info@casview.com.***

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