Trade Process

Trade Process:

1. Inquiry  ▶ 2. Reply 3. Send PI ▼

8. Service ▲ 4. Payment

7. Release B/L ▲ 6. Delivery 5. Production & QC

1. Inquire  ;

1.1. Purchase your interest security products information through our promotion information, B2B website, B2C platform, official website or our sales;
1.2. Contact us and send your needed products details to our sales via Mailbox, Skype, Whatapp, Telephone etc..

2. Reply  ;

2.1. As you're required, we will send the best quotation and products details information to you;
2.2. Confirm quotation or OEM/ODM request (if needed);
2.3. Arrange samples according to your requirements (if needed);
2.4. Arrange company visits and inspections (if necessary).

3. Send PI  ;

3.1: Confirm quantity and quotation;
3.2: Confirm payment term and lead time;
3.3: Confirm production requirement ( LOGO,  Packaging, Sticker and other details). The packaging can provided by ourselves or provided by the customer and we are responsible for packaging;
3.4: Confirm the Transport: Land, Sea, Air or Express etc.;
3.5: Confirm the order all details and then sign the contract.

4. Payment  ;

4.1: Buyer check the Proforma Invoice(PI) and do the payment;
4.2: You can do the payments by Bank transfer T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Cash, etc., 30% deposit, and the rest balance paid before shipment.

5. Production & QC  ;

5.1: After received the advance payment, we will arrange produce;
5.2: We finish the order within deliver time and inform customer;
5.3: Inspect all the products as order requirement.

6. Delivery  ;

6.1: After we received the balance payment, We will deliver the goods to customer by land, sea, air or express etc.;

Note: Start packing, labeling shipping marks, confirm the consignee information, contact the logistics and arrange the delivery;
6.2: We will follow up logistics information and inform the customer.

7. Release B/L  ;

7.1: We will scan and send essential documents (B/L, P/L, IV, Contract etc.) to customer;
7.2: We will assist in customs declaration and customs clearance;
7.3: Confirm the goods has been received.

8. Service  ;

8.1: Send questionaire with 15 days after customer received product;
8.2: timely feedback the customer evaluation and study solving scheme;
8.3: Interaction on social networks, like facebook, youtube, twitter etc..

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