Video & Audio Converter

  • CVA-3028
  • CVA-3028
  • CVA-3028
  • CVA-3028
  • CVA-3028


A design concept:
This Audio Decoder is widely used to decode the source audio output from audio-video players such as PC, notebook, PS3, XBOX360, HD player, HD set-top box, DM500 / DM800, Blu-ray DVD and HD Sound Field, so that many families, schools, squares, concert halls, cinemas and other places to enjoy the HD sound field brought the shock effect.
Functions and features:
1. Decoding HD source digital audio signals into analog 5.1 channel audio signals
2. The analog stereo (R / L) signal through the audio processing chip, converted to analog 5.1-channel audio signal
3. Two-way SPDIF optical input, 1 coaxial input, 1 stereo input, more complete multi-channel digital audio output to bring the switch more convenient
4. RCA output interface, easy docking amplifier
5. Multi-channel one-touch switch, convenient and fast, while the stereo and 5.1-channel switch
6. Sex noise ratio: 120db
7. Resolution: 80db (1 KHz)
8. Response frequency: 20Hz ~ 20 KHz +/- 0.5db
9. Analog output level: 2.2V
10. Product appearance size: 105 × 75x25mm
Interface function:
1. Input interface: Optical Fiber, Coaxial, AUX Stereo
2. Output connectors: FL, FR, SL, SR, CEN, SW (Bass)
Product advantages:
1. Solvable HD Digital audio source
2. Wide range of applications: network players, high-definition video player, Blu-ray DVD, DVD, SP3, XBOX360 such as the output of digital signals
3. Product exquisite, compact and convenient, plug and play, mobility and strong
Package content:
 1 x Digital Audio Decoder
 1 x DC 5V Power Adapter
 1 x Optical Cable
 1 x User Manual