HDMI Connector

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  • VGA Male to RJ45 Male
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VGA Male to RJ45 Male
This adapter will allow you to connect your PC, laptop, DVR, Media Center, or game console VGA video port to TV, projector, monitor with available VGA input for ultimate multimedia experience.
A perfect solution for your media center PC to your HDTV.
Allow transmitting signal between VGA video ports for distances up to 66ft (approximately 20 meters) over CAT5, CAT6 ethernet cable
The distance and picture quality depends on length of the cable, and the resolution that you'd like to transmit.
We recommend you use CAT6 or shield CAT5 for the best performance.
For best results please try to stay away from major power lines fluorescent and neon lights.( 12 inches / 0.3 meter).
Connector:15-pin HD-15 Male to RJ45.
Size: 5.4cm x 3.4cm x 1.5cm - 2.13inch x 1.34inch x 0.59inch.