Surge Protector

  • CSP01-E100 POE
  • CSP01-E100 POE
  • CSP01-E100 POE
  • CSP01-E100 POE
  • CSP01-E100 POE
CSP01-E100 POECSP01-E100 POECSP01-E100 POECSP01-E100 POECSP01-E100 POE

CSP01-E100 POE

  • Video Surge Protector
  • High transmission rate
  • Multi-level protection
  • Larger flow capacity
  • Product description: CASVIEW technology concentrating on switching power supply, power adapter, solar LED lights & cctv accessories etc. email:

The surge protectors use advanced technology and superior surge protection lightning protection devices carefully made to provide energy conservation and low-energy primary surveillance cameras fine protection, which effectively absorbs and transfers the energy generated by lightning and surge impact and through the ground cable energy into the earth, protect the camera from infringement.

POE / Ethernet Surge Protector
Shielded aluminum alloy
Mulit-level protection, flow capacity, low clampling voltage, fast response time, low insertion loss, transmission rate advantages
For control signals, DVR, computer network signals, hubs, network cards, network switches, Modem, fax, data communication.
Special maintenance is not needed for the protection device; please replace immediately in case of damage by high voltage or lightning.
Protectors have input (IN), output(OUT) mark, output terminal and protected

Poe Protector Ethernet Surge Protector 2 in 1 CCTV Lighting Protection Device Network Arrester Power 48V

There are a variety of multi-function surge protector power operating voltage options to meet a variety of front-end closed-circuit surveillance system equipment supply operating voltage requirements. Multi-function integrated design, reduce cost and installation difficulty of protection, reducing installation space, greatly enhance the camera's integrated protective effect.
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