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This wireless HD adapter will give you a high-definition audio and video wireless transmission experience, which can
remotely transmit HDMI high-definition audio and video content to high-definition display devices such as TV/projector/display. This product adopts standard Ethernet TCP/IP wireless transmission protocol, which has fast transmission speed and strong anti-interference ability. Support HDMI local loop-out and infrared remote control for extended applications, suitable for conferences, training, education, home entertainment and other applications.  

1. The product consists of a transmitter and a receiver, which transmits HDMI signals through wireless WIFI, and supports
up to 1 transmitter matches 4 receivers, 200 meters no obstruction; 164 ft (max. 50 meters) through the wall.
2. The transmitter supports an HDMI loop out to make it easier to monitor the source.
3.Support 1080P resolution. Compatible with a variety of HDMI devices and multiple types of resolution.
4. Adopt international 2.4G / 5G wireless dual-frequency transmission signal, fast transmission speed and strong
  anti-interference ability.
5. Support infrared remote control remote expansion, remote control source device on the display side, easy to install,
  plug and play.

Product parameters:

HDMI and HDCP versions: HDMI1.3/ HDCP1.2
Maximum support resolution: 1920X1080P@60HZ
Interface: HDMI interface
HDMI maximum input / output distance: less than 5 meters, 1920X1080P@60HZ resolution
Signal transmission distance: 200 meters no obstruction; 164ft (50 meters) through the wall
Wireless frequency: 2.4GHZ/5GHZ
Support: unicast, one TX to one RX app
Support: Broadcast, one TX to multiple RX applications (up to 4 RX)
Support infrared remote control remote expansion, display remote control source device
Easy to install, plug and play

Package Content ( for 1 TX & 1 RX ) :

HDMI Extender Transmitter                *1
HDMI Extender Receiver                     *1
2.4G/5G dual band antenna               *2
Power Adapter                                     *2
Infrared emitter                                   *1
Infrared receiver                                  *1
Instruction manual                              *1