Video & Audio Converter

  • CHDV-M660
  • CHDV-M660
  • CHDV-M660
  • CHDV-M660


  • Product description: CASVIEW technology concentrating on switching power supply, power adapter, solar LED lights & cctv accessories etc. email:
Product Parameter : 
No need to install drivers portable flexible plug and play.
Provides advanced signal processing with great precision colors resolutions and details.
Support PALNTSC3.58NTSC4.43SECAMPAL/MPAL/N standard TV formats input.

Support PAL NTSC standard TV format output.

The MINI TV System converter designed for the single-format video equipment (such as NTSC TV sets, projectors, PDP, projection, etc.) to achieve other format which show on TV. It digital transfer device using the most advanced all-digital way on TV and video format for processing, powerful functional and superior performance of the feature from many kinds of video signal formats (Including PAL, PAL60, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM) unified converted into PAL or NTSC standard signal output (as required by the user settings).


Product Specification:
    Input ports: 1xRCA (Yellow, White, Red)
    Output ports: 1xRCA (Yellow, White, Red)
    Composite input: PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N
    Composite output: PAL, NTSC